Dear Parents,

Recent developments of the 2019-nCov Virus “Coronavirus” has prompted us to take increased measure of precaution. While BSD continues to monitor the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and King County Public Health for guidance, we believe that there are actions we can take now to help us protect ourselves and the children.

It is extremely important that families be on alert and work with us during the next few months. If you have traveled to or have been in contact with anyone who has traveled to China recently, we ask that you thoroughly observe and assess yourselves for symptoms that may arise, keeping in mind the incubation range of 2-14 days. If you can keep your children at home during the incubation period to monitor for symptoms, we will excuse your absences under “medical leave.” We highly recommend that everyone takes extra precautions for our community’s sake. If you still plan to travel to China in the coming months, we recommend that you provide a doctor’s note before returning to school

Here are other recommended actions:

If families have had, or currently have, visitors from China, students should have their temperature monitored at home.
If members of your family have recently been in an airport, students should also have their temperature monitored at home.
If any signs or symptoms are present or develop, students should be checked by a doctor. These symptoms include:
runny nose
sore throat
fever (over 100)
a general feeling of being unwell
Be diligent with hand-washing hygiene (frequently using soap and water for no less than 20 seconds) outside of school as any additional measures of prevention within the community are helpful.